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GunVision Model RTR32 Visor Package - Stealth Visor mounted miniature Color Display, Gun Camera is a 0.05 lux color camera on a stackable (Picatinny) mount  (optional Tactical Flashlight) for dim light  situations.) 

 GunVision’stm "RTR-32" is a split view visor (light head-hat) based short focal length lense viewer with an internal compact color LCD video display (thin lightweight), with integral unit rechargeble power and "live video feed" gun mounted micro-video camera. More importantly you can always use your normal unobstructed straight ahead "gun sight view" (without having to touch the visor) and use the firearm sights and tactics as you normally would

Ultimate in Ergonomics - The visor's compact LCD monitor displays the live GunVisiontm video image (only by looking up with your vision - no head movement, hands free) received from your gun's picatinny mounted miniature video camera. Your potentially a One Man SWAT teamWhen your vision is cast straight ahead or down you have an unobscured open "iron sights" view of the firearm. Use it and all your normal tactics like you always train and practice. Used properly, the GunVisiontm RTR32 dramatically improves personnel safety and helps shield security and law enforcement officers and property owners in Room-to-Room entry and search/defense. The GunVisiontm RTR32 stealth visor uses an extremely light-weight miniature compact video camera and miniature video monitor in combination. The light-weight miniature video camera (less than 2.4 oz.) mounted on your gun's Picatinny rail sends its video feed to the miniature LCD video monitor (less than 3.7 oz.) mounted in an adjustable visor for "gunsight" viewing. The visors video display has crosshairs (reticles) that are adjustable. It can be calibrated with your gun's bullet impact. The camera is automatically centered and focused on the object at which the gun is pointed. The live Gun-Vision video feed is displayed on the head-band mounted monitor along with gunsight "crosshairs or reticles" to assist in aiming the gun while you can be behind a corner or a barrier in relative safety. Acting like a compensated barrel, the little bit of added nose weight from the GunVisiontm video camera actually lessens shot recoil, even gun barrel rise and makes reacquiring the target after firing a round much easier and faster. Even flinching is dramatically reduced when using the visors display. There isn't the blinding white flash one gets when looking straight down the gun barrel. 

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AR 15

Using an AR-15 with a horizontal quad rail mounted GunVisiontm gun camera you can shoot "Over" a Brick or Rock Wall with your entire Body  (including your hand) behind the wall.

Concerned property owners who want to protect their property and loved ones and police/security search personnel can remain shielded while pointing their weapon around a building corner or doorway. All this while safely viewing the immediate area that the GunVision tm camera is aiming at. The weapon can be fired at the image viewed on the monitor without exposing one’s self.

Designed for the ultimate in personal room to room (hence "RTR") Defense  - GunVision'stm RTR32 Stealth Visor package (USPTO and Madrid Convention Patents pending) includes adjustable locking dual/split view Stealth Visor headset (complete with miniature color LCD video display with binocular lenses),& plug n' play Stealth Visor, 0.05 lux color ballistic camera (not for total darkness) with stackable picatiny rail mount (best with a tactical flashlight - Its camera comes ;with a stackable mount - easily add a tactical flashlight. The GunVisiontm "RTR-32"Stealth Visor package comes ready to mount on your gun's "Picatinny" or flashlght rail. Simply plug in the flex cabling to your gun's micro video camera, place the visor on your head, (ready in seconds if your pre adjust or set up the fit for your head to begin with). Simply, turn it "ON" and your ready to "roll".

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