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GunVision Founders / Inventors - About Us

GUNVISION SYSTEMS founder, Kerry Clark also is the President of the Texas based electronics company "AMPTEC RESEARCH" Corporation, which Specializes in elctronic test equipment for the US Defense Dept. and the "Explosvie Safety" Ordnace Test industry.  AMPTEC manufactures Missile Warhead Test Sets.

AMPTEC RESEARCH Corp. has designed a variety of custom Explosive Safety Test Sets for our customers which include: Northrop Grumman, Boeing Defense Systems ( Air Launched Cruise Missile squib meter DMM), U.S. Dept. of Energy (D.O.E.), Los Alamos National Laboratories ( High Explosives R and D Group), Allied Signal/Bendix, Raytheon Missile Systems, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems,United Kingdom Ministry of Defense,Rockwell Automation (Missile Silo embedded Igniter Tester test sets), Royal Australian Air Force, U.S. Air Force, U.S. NAVY (Submarine Launched Cruise Missile Warhead Squib Test Set), and the US ARMY (TOW Missile Rocket Motor Squib Test Set) to name a few.  

AMPTEC RESEARCH has the flexibility and engineering experience to help you define, design, and produce your specific measurement requirement as a complely integrated turnkey solution. We value the trust our customers have placed with us, and are looking forward to supporting any new requirement you may have . . . .

Missile Warhead Test Set

Missile Warhead Test Set - The AMPTEC 620A-4 Igniter Tester is presently the only Munition Safety Board Approved model to replace the aging USAF inventory of older model Igniter Testers.  It is USAF Safety Board Approved for use on AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile Warhead  Squibs, AIM-7 Sparrow Missile Warhead and rocket motor squib, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AGM-65 Mavericks and AGM-85 Maverick squibs, C-130 Transport Fire Bottle Squibs and more . . .  We have Safety Approvals for our products from the USAF Non-Nuclear Munition Safety Board, US NAVAL Ordnance Center at Indianhead MD ( Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile squibs), and even have custom designed test sets for U.S. Dept. of Energy Nuclear Explosive Safety (NES) Committee.  

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Year 2010 - Enter the Era of GunVisiontm Systems

visor view

Our mission at GUNVISION is to offer the highest level and quality of practical protection for law enforcement, security perconel and the military against gun attackers (University Shootings), Armed Robbery, Terrorists and related threats. When used properly as a strategic advantage and additional self-defense supplement with your firearm, the visor/headband based GunVision System's Model RTR32 gives you an excellent survival advantage, if your are involved in an exchange of gunfire. The primary advantage being you are able to "shoot" your firearm with relative accuracy, while you can choose to remain protected, relatively unexposed (behind a barrier/obstacle/around the corner of a hallway etc.) with only your firearm (trigger hand) and your rail mounted camera's good "sight" picture of what your gun barrel is looking at *. You still have your normal unobstructed view of your gun's iron sights as well. No need to adjust or fumble with your GunVision visor. It's "upper vision" zone based.  Some say it's akin to looking up, with a very slight head tilt (i.e. at attic ceiling door or looking through a invisible baseball cap bill and getting a focused display with gunsight reticles of your GunVision camera's view. (P.S. It's really enhanced when you add a laser and/or a tactical flashlight with our stackable picatinny mount - Your GunVision sees the  "laser" dot) 

You "Call the Shots", so to speak.     

      Kerry Clark - President ,  GunVision Systems LLC. 


* FIREARM SAFETY can't be emphasized enough,  You, as the operator of a firearm are solely responsible for the safe operation of your firearm and the safety of any fellow officers, bytsanders, family or friends. GunVision Systems LLC. does not even manufacture, distribute or sell any firearm(s). Do not use any feature(s) of this GunVision Systems Visortm to the extent it distracts you from safe operation of your firearm. Your first priority with this GunVision Systems Visortm should always be "Safe Operation of your Firearm".  Always keep your finger off the trigger of your firearm until you are ready to shoot (know exactly what is your intended target and what is next to and beyond it). * Remember * Family and friends accidentally trip burglar alarms and can walk into your "line of fire" unexpectedly all the time. Always keep your firearm muzzle pointed in a safe direction when not firing at the intended target. Know how to use your firearm safely. Wear ear (i.e. plugs) and eye protection (safety glasses) when shooting with this product. We are not responsible, nor liable for what you do with your firearm whether accidental or intentional. Never use alcohol or over-the-counter, prescription, or other drugs before or while shooting.

Please understand, GunVision Systems is still developing this web page - contact us at (USA Tel) +1- 512-894-2054 or via e-mail if you have questions or need support. 
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